Thursday, September 11, 2014

Readmit Thursday Night

I'm posting a quick update before I rest my head on surprisingly comfortable plastic pillows.
The MRI showed typical angry tissue that happens post op, but nothing requiring more surgery. Woot woot!
While sedated for his MRI his neurosurgeon put sutures back in his incision. I'm not sure how many. I just know he used a plural to describe them. A dressing is currently covering the site.
Pretty much we're just going to hang out here in the hospital as we wait for the IV antibiotics to do their thing.
T might be grounded til he's 39 by the time we leave. He's playing with the scopes, he's throwing toys over the rails, he's chewing his IV tubing, he's drooling water & gargling his meds, he's shining scanners in his eyes, he's picking at the IV.
In short, he's acting like a healthy little boy. Which is actually awesome.

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