Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Making Jell-o

I'm making Jell-o again.

Because T is going to see the doctor again.

And they said to give him clear liquids for breakfast again.

We're praying he doesn't need surgery again.

But his incision site is oozing.

We're hoping for the best, but getting prepared for the worst.

Tonight I was sad as I laid AB down for the night. I love the feel of her in my arms. I wondered if I would get to hold her again tomorrow night. Will I be bending over her crib railing or my pump?

Last night I was happy that N and I had made up much of the schoolwork he missed in the last two weeks. Tonight I wonder if we'll face another academic setback. Will he still remember his even numbers, how many rules were in the Code of Hammurabi and the true definition of security?

M and I are talking, fighting to stay connected while we plow through a pile of to-do's. His nose is buried in his laptop. Mine is smelling Jell-o as the pouring powder lifts from the container to my nose.

Jello-o makes a weird sound when the boiling water hits the powdered chemicals. The sizzle is quiet, unlike IV pumps.

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