Sunday, September 14, 2014

Readmit Sunday Night

Tonight I am writing from the comfort of my own home. Pretty much as soon as I push "publish" on this post, I am diving into my bed. Unfortunately, T-Man is not here with me. He is still in the hospital. M went to spend the night with him tonight. I was getting super cranky this afternoon. I realized I had not left the hospital floor since Thursday afternoon. 72 hours with no fresh air. Not good. I'm pretty sure keeping patients (and their families) in isolation for so long is unethical.

M's parents have come back to help again through this unexpected hospital stay.

We will have more answers tomorrow on the next steps toward health for T.

I have spent these few hours at home catching up on my administrative duties. (read: paying bills) I am going to throw some clean clothes in a bag, check the locks on the doors and get some shut-eye. We have to be up early so I can get to the hospital in time for M to head to work. The hour and a half commute is getting a bit brutal. It has given us lots of opportunities to sing, though.

No pictures tonight, as I am actually typing at my computer, rather than swyping at my phone. We haven't hauled the "real" camera to the hospital. We pack pretty light. Especially for this second stay. I didn't bring any of our own toys or movies. I am finding we're bringing more food, though. Turns out T-Man only likes hospital potatoes. Hash browns: yes. Baked potatoes: yes. Tater tots: yes. Any other food: no. Thankfully he's been stuffing himself with chicken nuggets and trail mix from home. Protein is hard to get in a kid that is allergic to so many foods.

I feel like there's more, but my brain's a bit foggy. A sure sign I should take it to my comfy, freshly made, turned down, chocolate-on-my-pillow bed. (My man rocks)

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