Friday, September 12, 2014

Readmit Friday Night

The only thing worse than having a sick kid in the hospital is having a healthy one in the hospital.  The child (and his mother) go stir crazy.
But if we weren't here getting the medicine T needs then he really would be sick. Though home sounds lovely, having an ill child doesn't.
I've been campaigning hard to be allowed to take T to a play room. Since he came in with an open wound, though, no one is agreeing. I am met with kind, resolute "no"s every time I ask someone new.
Doctors who specialize in containing infections came by today. They're part of the team now, making sure T is on the best antibiotics. Different medicines kill different bugs.
Daddy, N & AB came by for dinner and playtime this evening.
I was very discouraged on Wednesday as I prepared for this admission. Since the nurse practitioner first shook her head yesterday afternoon, though, I have been at peace. It helps that things are going so well on the homefront. Many, many people have stepped up to help us out.  The other reason for my emotional health is prayer. Your multitude of prayers have been, and will continue to be, answered. Thank you!

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