Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hazel, Queen of Brownies

My Place of Beauty

This child is gorgeous. Strangers gasp when they behold her. Though unfathomable, her physical grace is exceeded by her stunning mind, heart and soul. Every part is dazzling.  I have such joy in drinking in her girl-ness. My heart surges and aches within my chest as it tries to hang on to so much beauty. My daughter is lovely.

My Place of Adventure

This boy stretches and pushes and pulls and shoves me. He plunged me into parenting. This face breaks into a ready grin in anticipation of whatever exploit lies before us. He hunts magnolia blossoms with me. He reminds me that earth worms are fascinating treasures. He provides a living soundtrack for my life.

My Place of Peace

Oh, my son. These eyes absorb my tattered heart and reflect a whole one back to me. There is healing here. Every cheesy line from every happy song is fulfilled in him. Everything is beautiful when I stare into this face. Deep riches are stored here, and he gives freely.

My Place of Love

My man. He sees my beauty, my brokenness, my silliness, my charm, my wit, my bitter, my calm. He sees everything about me and yet the love I see in his face never waivers. In fact, I do believe I see more affection and esteem in his gaze now than I did during our courtship. He loves me through and through and through. Unspeakable, immeasurable. His love has brought me much good.

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