Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cafeteria Food

I'm noshing on chocolate covered pretzels while T Man is in radiology. He'll be there an estimated 2 hours. He's having an MRI of his spine to make sure the leaking wound is superficial. A deep leak would require surgery. He is also going to have his incision site re-sutured. It may be one stitch or ten. They'll know better when they can poke at him. He'll be in the hospital at least through the weekend to get IV antibiotics. He fell asleep watching  VeggieTales. T is so much healthier this hospital stay. He's exploring all the things he didn't get into before. Fun times.
The patio where I'm eating boasts flowers, sunshine, a gentle breeze & sparrows fighting over pizza. I'm off to find a cozier spot to wait. I have my embroidery with me.

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