Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Home again, Home again, Jiggety jig

Home! We came home yesterday. Last night I felt mild guilt that I didn't post an update, but it quickly passed as slumber overcame me. I was tired.

I got up and rolling at 0430. When T woke up yesterday morning I put him in clothes from home. I talked to M and told him to hustle. I don't know if it was a show of optimism or desperation, but I had all our bags packed long before we received our official discharge orders.

M, N & AB arrived a little bit before lunch time. Since we have such a long haul back home we decided to have a final meal at the hospital before we headed for home. Though there was a moment of heartbreak when Food Service called back to say there was no dirt cake, tragedy was averted by ordering cheesecake instead. We ate, we picked up heavy duty antibiotics, we walked through the cool parking garage, handed over our validated parking ticket and darted for the highway. (well, "dart" is a bit strong. M was driving.)

The drive home was filled with the sound of chatter and little voices bellowing along with a VeggieTales CD. We found home long before we pulled into our driveway.

When we did get to the house we unloaded the car then started tossing children towards their beds. Those beds looked pretty cozy, so I tossed myself towards my own. When I woke up I hopped on my bike and hauled N to the next town. He and I played at a park while we waited for M to pick us up. We came home, ate dinner, played, splashed children with water, soap and medicine, then went to bed. It was a good day.

Short of breathing, the most necessary things I did yesterday were take a nap and go for a bike ride. I was angry. At everyone about everything. I was ripping people apart in my mind all day. Fortunately, I kept my acid-laced tongue to myself, but the thoughts were still proving poison for my mind.

The nap gave my body rest. The bike ride gave me a place to pour out my emotional energy. Though some dude made a snarkarific comment about my biking pretty early into the ride. So I spent the first half of the trip ripping him apart in my mind. But the last half I enjoyed the wild flowers and the cool breeze and reminded myself to order a cushy bike seat.

The 30 minutes N and I spent playing while we waited for my man to pick us up were good for both of us. He has also been under tremendous stress as his mom and brother have spent two of the last three weeks in the hospital. We raced and slid and climbed and jumped.

I'm glad I'm still nursing AB. It gives her and I several opportunities through the day to be quiet and alone. I have also been holding her more than our usual. I am very happy to report that she is back to scrunching up her nose and smiling. She had quit doing that while we were gone.

T is good, a bouncing ray of sunshine. We're trying to limit the bouncing, but basking in the sunshine. We will see the neurosurgeon again next Thursday to stop the antibiotics and remove the second set of sutures. Until then, he's supposed to be mellow (riiiiiiight).

I have a list of other things I appreciated and observed while we were in the hospital this time, but this post is already long enough. I noticed on my blog stats that someone from Israel checked in. (Hi Mom!) Thank you to everyone for loving and supporting us through this time of hospitalizations.

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