Monday, September 19, 2011

Protein Perfection

Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet.

I've been nesting.

I have two weeks to go til I hit my due date. All the supplies are here, should little man be born at home. The nursery is ready. The car is ready. We are ready. We're just praying I don't go into labor on Wednesday because my husband will be three hours away for work.

My lovely sister gave me a recipe for homemade protein bars that far surpass my protein mochas. It was so hot this summer I couldn't choke them down anymore. Knowing of my plight, my sister helped me out. Apparently she is on the same message board as She-Ra (the woman ran the Boston Marathon) And She-Ra posted the recipe. It's fabulous! And it's posted below for you:

2 cups nut butter (peanut, cashew, almond, etc.)
1 3/4 cups honey
2 1/4 cups protein powder
3 cups dry, uncooked oatmeal

Combine nut butter and honey in a large mixing bowl.
Heat for ~ 70 seconds in microwave.
Stir in protein and oatmeal.
Press into a 9x13 dish.
Cut into 16 bars.
Wrap in foil or saran wrap.
Store in plastic baggie in the fridge.

Calories: 267
Fat: 5g
Protein: 18g
Carbohydrates: 38g

-I like using half peanut butter, half chocolate peanut butter. It makes them taste like no-bake cookies.
-Using quick oats helps the bars stay more moist and soft.
-Only begin making this if you are feeling well rested and strong. Stirring all that together is quite the workout.

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