Friday, July 22, 2016

Hoosier Happenings

Horrible cell reception. All is well.
Creek bed is friendly, rising up in twirling greeting with each step
Clink clank thud as horseshoes hit various destinations
Frog the size of my thumbnail lures and fascinates us
Late night cheese and breaded mushrooms
Flinging bubble solution
Water bugs sliding across the top of the water. My first exposure outside an arcade
Watching two humming birds negotiate turns at the feeder
PBS kids
Minnows darting, but not fast enough for my hunter boy
Husband toting a happy, dripping preschooler to clean clothes
Thrill of lady bug slippers, discovered in a tucked away corner
Soothing low roar of fans and window air conditioners keeping the summer heat outside
"Wait over there at that end and I'll see if I can scare the fish to you."
Dishes manually washed by my man
Bubbles hovering then floating on a sudden breeze
Little brown fingers scooping minnows out of the net and gently dropping into the adapted bottle
Butterflies more densely packed and as widely varied as any house
Mushrooms: fat, scalloped, emerging
Husband letting a toddler crawl on his head, shoulders, knees and toes and play with his hair
Rock ledge seat, dry, perfect height, cushioned by moss
Waterfalls choreographed by God
Swinging on the porch with the newborn, listening to birds sing, wood peckers peck, whine of wasps, dull roar of humming birds, occasional yells of delight drift on a breeze from the creek
Water sloshing, splashing out of plastic dinosaur boots on dry land romps
Brown eyes and limbs and heads lighting up, swinging and exploring a wide front yard
Crash of the screen door. Pitter of feet on the porch. Patter of feet upstairs.
Traipsing in wet, too big, pilfered shoes with walking stick in one hand, net in the other
Smells like a rugged, rustic uncle. The wood scent follows us.
Heavily cushioned chairs and recliners
The sound of sucking, then waves crashing against the inside of boots
Chips and cookies and pumpkin seed bread
1948's book of trains; 500 pages of preschooler paradise
Husband curled up with baby
A borrowed bed that's actually cozy
Boots emptied of their creek water onto flowers at the house
Husband playing catch with the big guy
Water cold at one end of the trail staves off sweat until we summit at the other end
Living out of a suit case and not caring
Geology girl
Bum!punk,punk,punk,punk. Baseball drills off the wooden stairs
Museum ramps, water play, gorgeous heritage on display
Tired bodies housing happy hearts
Hearing my phone chime and staying seated

copyright (c) Elizabeth, Bug's Beef. All rights reserved.