Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Evening Update

Iv fluids: came off today because T is eating and drinking so well.
Bath: T got a bed bath today. He seemed more comfortable in fresh linens and shiny clean skin. The old nurse in me dies hard. It weirded me out to bathe him without gloves on at the beginning.
Squeezy balls: are the only reason he still has all his tubes and lines attached. The orange one has been a constant companion.
Movies: we've watched tons. I have no idea how people did this before technology.
Dressing: is off. His incision looks good. It's about 4-6 inches long, by my eyeballing estimate
Bologna: T tried it for the first time today. The verdict - he loves it! I think I have something to add to my grocery list now.
Daddy: is here! He'll be staying the night. I'm going to try to convince M he should sleep with T. To strengthen their relationship. Not because I want the pseudo-bed to myself

Flashlight: T had a rough time this morning. Morphine and a roaring flashlight got him through. And answered prayers. I don't know what kind of brain thinks up a flashlight that roars when you squeeze its tail. But I'm glad the thing exists.
Call light - T found the buttons on his bed today. Mr Fidgety Fingers proved the secretary to be patient.

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