Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Evening Update

We had a busy day today. Though, alas, it did not include sitting up. T is on a crazy high dose of sedation. And he was wide awake all day long. He didn't even take his usual afternoon nap. Though he is obviously tolerating the maxed out meds well, they want to wean them slowly. Friday night is not the best time for that. Also, the extra day of rest will only serve to help Mr Wiggle Pants' body to heal. So now the plan is to start sitting up tomorrow about mid-day.
We transferred to a different unit today. He is still in ICU, but one with a different specialty. The one he was in before was busting at the seams. Speaking of his previous unit, there's nothing like hanging out in a children's hospital to make you thankful for the child you have.
T continued to eat well today.
I covered the call light with a blanket since T kept pushing the button. He redirected his energy to the light controls on his bed. His room looked like a disco many times as the lights strobed off and on.
I left the hospital for a few hours this evening. M stayed with T while I ran home. It was nice to sit at my own table with my other babies, sister & niece. The niceness was amplified by eating a warm, home made dinner (that I didn't prepare)
AB ate really well. That was a comfort to both of us. I got to fuss over N's heat rash a bit and give him some focused attention. We finished out the night with a rousing game of Sorry.
I'm posting pictures of the pull out chair that M & I shared, as well as one of T earlier today. You'll see from the supplies on the chair that it is a bit narrow. Fortunately M is as wide as a phone, so that gave me the space of paper. :-)
We are holding up better than we should be. Thank you for praying. God is kind.

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