Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Evening Report

Today I feel like a teenager again. And not just cuz I've, like, not slept.
I have been on such an emotional roller coaster today.
Our morning started at 0400. Not fun. T was cranky, I was cranky. But then we ate breakfast and the world seemed a brighter place to be. Though, in hind sight, that may have just been the sunrise.
The doctors came by and said to get rid of sedation, catheter & bed rest. Woo hoo! But then he got restless and shaky as the meds came off. Sad.
We got a visit from Daddy, N & AB. It was nice to see those beloved faces, but a bummer we couldn't all be together. AB is too young to go to the unit. so M & I tag teamed getting cuddles with T.
T got to transfer to a neuro floor. Yay! Now we can stay in his room to eat, AB can join us & N isn't limited to 15 minutes per day. Also, as we were transferring, Miss Bethany & "Dr" Josh came to visit. They brought him his own guitar; just like his favorite toy at their house.
The surgeon came by and said T looks so good that he can go home tomorrow. Hip hip hooray!
T refused to eat lunch. T refused to eat dinner. He wouldn't drink a drop. The hope of going home seemed to be crushed.
But his night nurse gave him medicine to settle his tummy. He just asked for a few bites of banana. Home gleams in the distance again, beckoning us to return.
T is watching a show while I wrestle with swype to get this post together. I'm about to help him fall asleep by
modeling how to do it.
My sister got home safely. M's parents got here safely.
Everyone tells me how cute T is. I'm rather inclined to agree.

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