Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Midday

Bummer report this afternoon. T is not going home today. We have been able to coax bananas & bologna into him, but no fluids. So the IV went back on a little while ago.
What may turn out to be good news is he has thrush. Hopefully he'll feel like drinking when that clears up. He has already had his first dose of medicine for it.
In happy news, Daddy came today with N & AB.  He also had YehYeh & GninGnin in tow. T hadn't seen his sister since Tuesday. It was sweet to hear him yell her name when he saw her. He actually asked to get out of bed so he could play with his sibs on the floor. We felt almost normal for five minutes. Well, "normal" might be a mischaracterization. Normal for us.
I'm thankful for the peeps at church & M's work who are bringing food. The meals started rolling in last night. It's a relief to know my family won't be eating restaurant food the whole time I'm gone. The cooking part of my job is covered.
I cringe to think what the house will look like when I return. So far no one has signed up for maid duty. Imagine that.
T just fell asleep for a needed nap. I believe I will try to do the same.

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