Thursday, June 2, 2011

A choice, A view

I had my 20-week prenatal appointment with my midwife (Suzanne) two weeks ago. I'm just now posting about it, though, because apparently all the posts in May needed to start with "why."

The visit was good. I still marvel at the beauty of home visits. I looked at my own urine strip, since I'm not color blind and am blessed to be literate. I heard my son's heart tones. I laughed as the little booger kept dashing away from the doppler. He's already so much fun. I learned that my blood pressure is just as perfect as I expect it to be. We chatted for awhile about a variety of things. Due to pregnancy brain I can recall dreadfully little, these two weeks later.

However, I do remember one particular choice that was given to me: What do you want to do with the placenta? These are my options: Suzanne will dispose of it, we can plant it, or we can eat it. We can eat it as it is, or Suzanne can dry it and place it in capsules for us. Hmm. . . I needed to talk to my man. Since he loves researching absolutely every decision he makes I figured he would want a little bit of time to make up his mind then discuss it with me. Though it is my organ, since I will no longer be attached to it, I am pleased to let him own this aspect of childbirth.

It turns out he didn't need to research anything. He knew immediately what his answer was. And it turns out we will make the same decision that the hospitals of America make for us. But it is so different this time. Because it is our choice. What a delight to have a choice over my own body. I wish I could help other people see that our decision to leave the hospital setting isn't dangerous or wildly radical. It's full of health, wisdom and love. And it's available for others too, not just the crazy few.

Now, something a bit more lighthearted. The view from my front seat:
That's my dear son, holding the coffee cup that he hijacked from me. He did let me have one more sip after taking my mug away. I'm so glad I drink organic decaf. He needs nothing else to hype him up. And, of course, beloved Bear is safely belted into place. I don't remember anything else I saw that day. This view was the most beautiful one.

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