Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He Understands

My heart was so blessed to read about my Jesus this morning:

"He is now waiting until His enemies are made His footstool." Hebrews 10:13 HCSB.

He understands waiting.

I felt such peace, camaraderie, satisfaction, wonder & joy when I discovered again, anew, that Jesus really is a great high priest who understands my heart.

I'm just waiting for the child of my heart, born through adoption, to be placed in my arms. I don't deserve that baby. I have done nothing to be worthy of the promise I wait for.

Jesus does deserve for His enemies to be made a footstool. He has earned it. He is worthy of that honor. So I'm thinking His wait is worse than mine.

My spiritual socks were knocked off my feet a few months ago by another realization of just how much He understands. But I don't want to put all my pearls in one post. :) So stay tuned for "He Understands II," coming in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I hope you are equally touched as you ponder that no matter what promise you are waiting to be fulfilled, you have not waited as long as Jesus has. He understands the pain, frustration, hope, despair, faith, grit, and strength that go into waiting expectantly. He understands.

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