Monday, June 4, 2012

T - 2 weeks

We are two short weeks away from our move date. In just 14 days the moving truck will be loaded with our boxed belongings. June 2012 was always so far away. Now that we're finally here I find myself rather under prepared. Somehow the mere five boxes that are packed will multiply into dozens. The real trick, though, will be getting this place packed without sacrificing my parenting or wifing. I have no idea how people do this without the Spirit of God to guide & strengthen them.

Speaking of which, last year my man and I wrote out our prayer requests for this season of transition. I'm glad we did. It is one less thing for me to focus on now. If we come to mind this week, here are some things to ask Father God about for us:
*wisdom, peace, patience, endurance & rest while packing
*prepare hearts & relationships in our new community.

Last year I also wrote of the things I will miss most. Here are some notes that were jotted on my yellow note pad-

This town has been my very own longer than any other. Coming home quickens my heart, calms my nerves. Though it is not really home, it gives me a glimpse of my true home. Peace, joy, knowledge, heart wide alive. I shall miss:
* Walking through thick morning air, the brilliance of the fresh morning sun promising a thrill when I summit the Esplanade. Knowing it's coming, yet still gasping, choking out, "My God how great Thou art," when I behold the distant hills shimmering, glowing gold past the silent, curving river.
* Crisp morning air that whispers promises through the changing leaves. The sun's heat now welcome on my face.
* Lying in the inexplicable stillness of snow, watching countless flakes fall toward me.
* Wild flowers lifting riotous heads along the roads.
* Being caught, paralyzed with pleasure, by the perfume of flowering trees
* The song of trains whistling as their clacking trucks hum over the tracks
* Thunderstorms that shake my house
* Knowing where every magnolia tree in town is
* Lightning that out wows any light show created by man
* A back yard visited by, and populated with, squirrels, cardinals, chipmunks, robins, slugs, blue jays, worms, sparrows, rabbits, black birds, skunks, bats, cats, opossums, and dogs.
* Picking mulberries in the back yard
* Lightning bugs filling the twilight
* Knowing where all the best flower gardens & Christmas lights are
* The smell of fire wood burning
* The smell of meat smoking
* Creaky old floors that serve as a home security system
* Church bells chiming the hours and ringing hymns throughout the day
* Harvest celebrations at the pumpkin patch
* Waving at train engineers at the Riverfront Park
* Knowing the back roads
* Grabbing treats at the farmer's market & local sweet shop.
* Declaring the name of every river we cross like pro wrestling announcers
* Hitting the bump on Thornton
* The house which became home as it hosted our engagement, N's homecoming & T's birth.

Ah, the comfort of treasured memories. Next week will feature the people I will miss deeply.

Now to see about getting those belongings boxed. . .

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  1. I know.

    It'll be even worse when I review all the people we are moving away from next week. Grab tissues before reading that post.

  2. I had forgotten about your blog. Thanks so much for the reminder. It will be a favorite. I think I am somewhat in denial but now I see the boxes - bummer. I love your heart Liz. I know we will stay connected. I will have to figure out how to get on the email list. BTW - we were close to Sunrise Beach. We must have been very close. Were you close to Woods grocery store?



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