Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Week In

It almost feels like I should write this post next week. I am not in my new home. We landed at our abode last Wednesday. We unpacked ~2 per cent of the stuff we brought, then hightailed it to my husband's native land. I stayed the night in my home just two nights. Now we are staying with M's beloved grandparents. They are beloved by my man, my boys and me. What an absolute blessing to receive more grandparents from God!

This week's prayer requests:

*May God reveal our new church,  grocer,  mentors, doctors, friends, mechanics, etc.
*May God's will be done in our family as it is in Heaven.

In the weeks leading up to the move I shared some of the things that I am going to miss. Now I want to put a positive spin on this future laid out before me. Here are some things that I am looking forward to:

*No weeding

*More family time

*Exploring a new town

*Awesome exercise facilites

*Being a day-trip-away from some really cool places. We are living in an area of the country that I have never visited before. There is much to experience.

*Making new friends

*Bike trails everywhere

*Having a garage

*Being close-ish to a safari adventure park

*Creating new healthy habits

*Ministering with my man. Actively supporting him in his work.

*Less toilets to clean

*Less floors to sweep

*Less everything to maintain

*Watching my man flourish

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