Monday, June 11, 2012

T - 1 Week

My goodness, the last week went by fast! We have accomplished quite a bit. It has been fun, in the midst of the madness, to purge. Finding so many things to donate to others has increased my resolve to live more simply. Right now I feel like I never want to buy anything ever again. Hopefully I'll retain this mindset when we buy our home in the next year or so.

Here are our prayer requests for this week:
*Grace and favor as packing wraps up.
*Hearts willing and able to stop for divine appointments.
*Protection of the hearts and minds of our dearly loved ones as we prepare to leave.

I suspect this coming week will be ever more like a whirl wind as we still have much to do. There is a lot of packing that remains, as well as tying up loose ends. Oh, and we still have to parent. And love each other well. So far my man and I have not attacked each other as the stress mounts. We actually are having quite a bit of fun together. He took off a day and half last week. He'll work just two half days this week. It is so nice to have him home.

But I'm rambling. Actually, I'm stalling. I so don't want to think about the beautiful people that we are leaving behind. I keep reminding myself that it could be much worse. It could be the wagon train days; when brave women followed their husbands with no hope of ever seeing their families and friends again. I get to sit down at my computer or grab a phone or even hop in the car occasionally to connect with my precious ones.

So here's the list:

*My sisters. To know and be known, throughout my life. My sisters. Enchanting, infuriating. My sisters. Companions through the chaos. My sisters. Sharpening, crushing, sacrificial, selfish. We share parents, chins, memories, cowlicks and determination. My sisters. Mothers to my cherished nieces and nephews. My sisters. I love them wildly. I will miss them more than I can express.

* Childhood friends. We can start a sentence with, "My dad. . . " and immediately have decades of context. We've seen each other through adolesence, marriage, and children. And now a time-zone-changing-move. Our babies will grow, menopause will be suffered, and we'll still be connected.

*My nephew. The first to steal my heart. His dry sense of humor and incredible wit. A wonderful playmate for my sons.

*Our entire church family. The untold faces and hearts that encourage, inspire & delight me.

*My brothers-in-law. Husbands to my sisters, daddies to my nieces and nephews. Masters at the grill. More patient with me than I probably know. Fun, warm, devoted. Almost as handsome as my man.

*My niece. Full of life and mischief. The first one I could bedeck in pink. Her almost obsessive love of my husband.

*Church leaders who quietly stand as warrior shepherds between me and the enemy.

*My nephew. More love and life is squished in that small body than thinkable. He is so winsome, he makes me smile even when he's not looking at me. The brightest ray of sunshine I've ever loved.

*Cashiers at the grocery store who congratulate me when I save a lot of money.

*My niece. The matching half to my soul. Passionate, tenderhearted, hungry. I'm pretty sure she is thrilled with the bows, ruffles & pink she gets to sport.

*My mentor. Turned friend. She breathes life into me with each conversation. She prays life into me faithfully.  Kneeling before The Throne longer, harder & more passionately than I suppose.

*My niece. Tiny, peaceful, cherished. I am already in love and won't ever, no never, stop. An absolute delight to my soul.

*My new friend. I planned to grow my faith and family alongside her. I am thankful for such a deep connection so quickly. One of the shining jewels in the middle of America.

*Sunday evening fellowships with my church. Weekly fun and food. My sons have a pile of  friends, fifty grandparents and one hundred parents. The riches of the Kingdom.

*The waiters at the restaurants we frequent. The familiar unknowns. The simple pleasure of being recognized and wanted.

*Having Holy Spirit use Pastor to illumine Scripture to me.

*Neighbors. Friendly chats over the fence. Marvelling at how our children are growing. Ready assistance any time we get locked out of the house.

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  1. A wonderfully lovely tribute to the people who are going to miss you like crazy.


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