Wednesday, June 20, 2012


i am writing from my phone. so i can not capitalize or use contractions. the only punctuation that works is the period. yes i am having chest pain. shudders of horror convulse through me as the voices and faces of my high school english teachers materialize from the recesses of my memory.

but i want to keep you posted.

here is another indication of how wildly i love you. i had to download an app, then upload all two hundred pictures from my phone to post the images that follow. it is taking forever. and i compromised my soul by giving google permission to store my photos. sigh.

but here is a brief summary of the trip.

the house of my dad. hashbrowns. yum.

missouri. here is a photo of n reacting to seeing the arch.

and here is t.

illinois. when i think illinois, i think chicago. turns out chicago does not take up a whole lot of the state. now when i think illinois, i think farm land.

indiana. traffic. trees. pretty roadside art in indianapolis. traffic.

ohio. a fun, random bridge to welcome us.

it still feels like we are on a trip and just packed very thoroughly. we will see if reality settles in deeper tomorrow.

though it vaguely feels like vacation, the view should not be turned into a postcard. here is what i saw for the last six hundred fifty miles...

dude. nevermind. stinkin technology. i have been trying to load pics for twelve hours. i will just have to wait til my computer is set up. sorry.

more updates to follow once our pc is up and running. i am developing a twitch.

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  1. You're phone clearly has issues. I should have played with it to figure out how to make your punctuation work before you left. Either that, or your phone's intended user was someone who only had a loose grasp on the English language.

  2. Can't wait for pictures and more info on the new place.


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