Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Wild Ride

I knew adoption was arduous. And expensive. And a bit dangerous to the heart. I just didn't expect it to be quite this wild.

Last Thursday afternoon we were notified of a three month old baby girl that was being placed in an adoptive family. For many reasons we were terrified to accept her. But for many, many more reasons we were excited to parent her. Since our family profile needed to be delivered that evening, we had about two hours to make our decision. We did decide to be presented to the birth mom the next day. So a little family outing, as soon as Daddy got home, found us delivering our profile and drinking strawberry lemonade. The next day we found out the birth mom had chosen another family. We were a little bummed. But we had had less than 24 hours to get our hopes up. God guarded our hearts from being crushed.

So yesterday (Monday) morning I checked my email and found out about another birth mom who was choosing to place her child for adoption. Since we're getting pretty good at this, we made our decision in about 32 seconds. I told our coordinator that we wanted to be presented. So my right thumb got to movin' as I sent texts messages to all those who love us and pray. The birth mom was presented with profiles a few hours later. We heard last night, almost precisely 12 hours after I had checked my email, that the birth mom had chosen another family.

It kinda made me laugh. Of course she did! We're 0 for 4. We don't what we'll do with ourselves if  a birth mom does chose us. Perhaps sit very, very still. When the truth sinks in, then we'll run, run, run like mad!

In case you're wondering, our hearts are in a very good place. Not because we're that mature. But because God is that nice. He is very kindly guarding us against sorrow, bitterness, outrage, rejection, etc. Thanks for your prayers.

I'm wondering if the next one we hear about will all happen within 6 hours. Or was the cutting time in half thing just for the last two? We'll see. . .

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  1. Because I love you, a haiku :)

    The perfect baby
    One family just for you
    A heavenly match


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