Tuesday, January 25, 2011



It's the way a small child says "baby."

It's what came into my mind as I sat to write this quick, short update. But I chose BB for another reason. Tonight it stands for: breach baby.

Yes, our baby girl is standing in her birth mom's womb. Since she's not head-down, and since our birth mom's cervix isn't even slightly dilated, we aren't planning on meeting our daughter this week. The doctor spent an hour trying every possible way of coaxing her to flip. Since our birthmom is a smart cookie, she's not anxious to sign up for a c-section. But she also doesn't want to deliver a 9 pound baby in the breach position.

Yes, our darling daughter is already 9 pounds. Her older sister was 13 pounds at birth. We are all praying she doesn't try to catch up with her. But, the bigger she gets, the less likely she is to flip into a safe birthing position.

The doctor is planning on seeing her again next Monday. But there are a number of signs that she might go into labor before then. We'll see. . . I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for praying!

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