Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Presenting: US!

At 1630 CST (4:30pm for all you civilians) a birthmom will be looking at our family profile. She will be looking at a couple of other families, too. After looking at our profiles she will decide which family she would like to place her baby with.

I'm not the least bit nervous. Perhaps that's because it's still three hours and sixteen minutes away, though. I don't know. I'm confident that God will bring us the child He has for us, though.

My prayers have been directed toward the birthmom. Even if she doesn't chose us. I'm actually assuming she won't. So even though I am pretty confident that she is not the mom of our baby, I am still praying for the young woman. What a difficult decision to make.

I will definitely post more information when I know it. Whatever her decision, my heart is at peace.

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  1. Has she made a decision yet?
    Has she made a decision yet?
    Has she made a decision yet?
    Has she made a decision yet?



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