Monday, December 27, 2010

Rum Pum Pum Pum

Merry Christmas!

Our little family of three spent Christmas Eve with my sisters, their families, and my dad. My son was thrilled. He is convinced that his extended family is populated by the coolest people on the planet. His older cousin is tons of fun and has the best toys. His younger cousins are kissable. His uncles wrestle with him and his aunts listen with attentive awe to all his stories. Papi (grandpa) is absolutely the best; he tickles and wrestles and laughs. What fun!

Our schedule looked a bit like this: eat, travel, pick up food, eat, play, nap, eat, play, church, eat, open presents, play, eat, travel, sleep.

Let's hone in on church. We went to the Christmas Eve service at my sister's church. Early into the evening the music leader invited all the kids to come up on stage to listen to a story. So my little boy followed his cousin up the steps to the stage. The tiny detail of sitting and listening to the story fell off his radar when he saw the drum set, though. My child beat a rather determined path to the drums. He pulled his little 2-year-old self up onto the seat. He grabbed the drumsticks. Just as he was getting ready to rock into his career launching solo the music leader was able to grab the drumsticks and lead him back to the group. By the time he rejoined them, he found his daddy waiting. Daddy stayed on stage to help sweet N sit and listen. Also, it gave Daddy's ribs a chance to heal from Mommy's elbows digging into them.

Fortunately we were able to laugh with everyone in the room. It wasn't embarrassing because he wasn't being awful. My baby boy just loves music. And apparently he's comfortable in front of an audience. A number of people approached us after the service to tell us that N made their Christams Eve. I'm so glad he could bring happiness just by being his adventurous self.

I know it's not nearly as funny reading about it. But just try to imagine my son darting to the drums as everyone else sits quietly waiting for a story. It was hilarious!

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