Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Fun Step


We are up to our ears in photos!

The next step of the adoption process is putting together pictures for our family profile. The family profile is what birth mothers look at when they are deciding which famiy to place their baby in. So it's very important. We are having our agency compile it for us, since they do this all the time. They gave us a list of types of pictures to put together for them. They requested 80-100 pictures to choose from so that they can have options.

Well, I am providing some options! How on earth do you summarize the last 7 years of your life in 100 pictures? I have no idea. Right now my count is closer to 200 and I haven't included our wedding pictures yet.

By the way, I was hoping to find a picture of someone up to their ears in photos to include with this post. (kinda like the one with all the paperwork) So I went to google images and first looked up "pictures" then "photographs." Ugh. Danger. Don't do that. And not in my somewhat-typical sarcastic voice. Seriously, don't do that. There is so much slime out there. I have no idea how some of those images were even classified as pictures or photographs.

So now I'm off to bleach my brain while I wait for the computer to finish uploading the next couple hundred photos.

Ta ta!

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