Saturday, November 3, 2012


I went on a date with N last night. We had a blast attending the symphonic orchestra. The show started at 2000, (8pm) which is usually N's bedtime. He took a bath before hand. But instead of changing into pajamas, he dressed in his vest and tie.

We heard Gershwin, John Williams, Tchaikovsky, Mackey and many more. We didn't last through all the numbers, but were able to drink in about 2/3rd of the evening together before sleep demanded its dues.  N thrilled at seeing all the instruments. His favorites were the trombones and french horns. We sat in the balcony so he could dance & sing while causing the least disturbance.

The best thing? It was free! I highly recommend checking with the music department at the college or university near you. See if they offer any concerts for the public. We had a wonderful time together. Hopefully this becomes an annual treat.

That would be lotion in his hair. The one danger of bathing before the symphony. The grimace is the new smile.

Though N was truly excited, our attempts at a real smile failed even when vertically oriented.

Finally! A real-ish smile! It took a lot of work to get a non-squinty grin out of this kid.

A shot from the balcony with the symphonic orchestra warming up in the background.

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