Monday, October 29, 2012

Status Report

We are dangerously close to being home study approved for our adoption. I imagine we'll get the official green light either at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Once that happens we'll be able to start applying for grants. The few that are willing to take a look at us will be getting piles of paperwork from me. I'm not sure if God is going to fund our adoption through a grant, or not. I won't know for sure unless I try.

Ann Romney called me last week. I was out, so she left a message. Seriously. It started, "Hi Elizabeth, this is Ann Romney." N heard the message before I did. When I got home he dashed to me and exclaimed, "We have to save America! We have to get it untrapped!" When I listened to the message I discovered that Ann feels that Mitt Romney can get us back on track. Pre-school ears translate "on track" into "untrapped."

Living in a swing state has its perks and its drawbacks. Perk: My vote actually counts. And Ann Romney calls. Drawback: so does everyone else in the world. I have also spoken with the NRA. And some other political "survey" company keeps calling for my husband. Pretty much every yard is boasting political signs & blowing leaves.  The blowing leaves I'm used to. The signs everywhere leave me sighing and singing songs from the 60s.

Here's the most recent picture I took of my boys:

N was thrilled to be riding in the grocery cart. T didn't understand what the big deal was. Though later in the store he appreciated having someone to lean against.

M turned 38 last week. I'm having a hard time with how close he's getting to 40. He isn't the least bit ruffled. Which is good. If we were both freaking out we might scrap our adoption plans and head to a plastic surgeon instead.

T has become super speedy. His crawl is still the funky knee-toe-thing he does. But now it has some speed to it. He is pulling up on everything to stand and cruising all around the place. At this point, he could probably start walking. I think we're in the head game phase of walking. I'm not too anxious to put that speed on feet, though. So I haven't been urging him on much. If he's still not walking in a week or two I may whisper the truth to him and let him know that he can actually run, too.

I still don't have any friends. As pitiful as that sentence is, the next one is worse. I don't think I have any prospects of any friends. I have joined a total of four different groups through the week to meet other women. Everyone is nice, but we don't do anything outside of the group time. I have a lot of fun burning calories with zumba, but haven't started any relationships with my fellow sweat-ers. We have started attending a new church. It is filled with lovely people. But the women are all busy raising their families.  Pretty much it feels like everyone here has full lives and don't need any new friends. The bright side, though, is I have found the time to start reading War and Peace.

I think I'm getting the hang of this no-milk, no-eggs, no-nuts, no-soy diet. The hardest part is finding protein rich snacks. I am open to suggestions.

God has been speaking to me a lot this week about fighting for my faith. Don't give up. Press in. Forget what's behind, push forward. I think I'm going to start waking up early to get out of bed to read my Bible. Somehow lying in bed and reading from my Bible app hasn't been doing it for me.

We still own a house in Kansas.

I figured out which electric plug I can use to vacuum my whole apartment. Which delights me. I smile every time I plug it in. Can you say that about your vacuum?

My mommy heart is in a peculiar place. I am thrilled with my family. If I have no more children I will not feel cheated. If God does give us more, though, I'll be equally ecstatic. I am happy with two boys. I would be happy with six boys. I am willing to receive a daughter from Jesus, but am not demanding her.

Summary report: We're good. I'm good. Because God is good.

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