Tuesday, October 9, 2012

That Mom

I have become "That Mom."

Last year I went to Silver Dollar City with my family. They have bitty bits of shacks around the park to allow women to breastfeed privately. I ducked into one with my three week old to feed him. While I was rocking and nursing and gazing in wonder at my son another mom came in with her son. Only he was not three weeks old. He walked in holding her hand. When she held him on her lap he draped entirely across her body with his toes just missing the floor. I'm guessing he was somewhere between 18-24 months old. I thought she was out of her mind. And I was a bit jealous because she was so thin. But that's a different story. I think. Anyhow, not only did I criticize her in my mind, I called my sister to talk about the wacko still feeding her toddler.

I am still breastfeeding my toddler. I am now the crazy head. I have become that mom.

We are choosing to continue breastfeeding because T's alternate nutrition would cost $500/month minimum. Perhaps that little boy had severe food allergies. Maybe the choice was made for them by outside forces. But what if it wasn't? Maybe she just wanted to breastfeed still. It doesn't legitimize or excuse my snarkiness at all.

Through the years I have had occasion to see families out when the weather is cool. Living in the Midwest helps facilitate these moments. There have been a few times when I have seen a mom wearing pants and a jacket while her kid is skipping along beside her in shorts and a tee shirt. My thoughts have not been kind. Generally I think, "Nice lady. Way to bundle yourself up, but not your kid." Sometimes I even point out the villain and share my thoughts.

I am now that "neglectful" parent. I have become that mom.

T's eczema is triggered by heat. If he gets even slightly overheated his skin itches, breaks open, and bleeds. And by slightly overheated I mean 75 degree weather is toasty. I still bundle N up. Though he has inherited my build, he received a broken internal heater from my man. So in addition to seeming to expose my baby to the elements, it also looks like I favor my preschooler. I can only imagine what the people around me must think.

When I used to drop N off at the nursery I would sorta smile as the other moms gave lots of instructions. "Poor spastic thing."

I have become that mom.

I volunteered in a nursery for awhile. One of the children in there had severe food allergies. I can't distinctly remember thinking it, but perhaps I did wonder why the mom didn't just keep him at home. Why did she risk my peace of mind, the other children's freedom and her own child's health just to get out of the house for two hours?

I have become that mom.

And I have a lot more thoughts about being that particular mom.

Those will follow.

For now my plate is full of crow.

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