Monday, August 13, 2012

Kansas City Recommendations

Since we are no longer living in Kansas City, we're not there to point people to our favorite things. (obviously) But thanks to the handy dandy internet, I can still tell the people who are blessed to live in the KC metro where to go for excellence. This post is meant to be informational, unlike my other ones that tend to be more emotional. Though thinking about all the delicious food I'm missing out on now, I am feeling a bit weepy. . . .

Personal chef:: Sarah Stears *Not a hoity-toity luxury. Cheaper and more nutritious than eating out. Call her today*

Pediatrician: Dr. Grimes. Everyone in the practice is wonderful, though. The only time I have cried from loneliness is when we went to a pediatrician here. If they are only accepting newborns and their siblings (as was the case a few months ago) then it is TOTALLY worth it to have another baby just to get into the practice.

Indian food:Swagat. Go at lunch time so  you can eat a variety of things from the buffet. Have a cup of masala tea for me.

Church: Church of the Open Door. Even if you can't attend, you can listen to the messages on-line. But you should attend. A church is so much more than a pastor. Though Pastor Efta is a treasure, he is not the only one. This whole church rocks.

Quilters: Vicky Beasley andTheresa Ward. Vicky makes tops. Theresa quilts them. Gor-Geous!
Artist: Eric Hoins

Dermatologist:Dr. Menser. I trust her with my baby. The car she provides is extraordinary. Send anyone to her for any skin thing.

BBQ: Well, pretty much any hole in the wall place is going to rock. It is Kansas City. It's hard to go wrong. But, there is a reason why Jack Stack's is famous.

Grocery service: Door to Door Organics

Naturopath: Dr. Farhang Khosh

Pumpkin patch: Louisburg Cider Mill. Eat a donut for me.

Dentist: Dr. Blaha

Dim sum: Pine and Bamboo Garden. Their website isn't up right now, so no link. They are on Shawnee Mission Parkway. Go on a Saturday or Sunday at lunch time for carted dim sum. Delicious! And a cultural experience. Here's the sure-fire sign that it's good: the place is filled with Chinese people.

Appliance repair: Dennis' Refrigeration and Appliance. Based out of Leavenworth. The man knows what he is doing. And he doesn't just want to take your money. When he fixed my crazy oven door he took the time to show me how to fix it myself  in the future.

Race: Run for Mercy. Hosted by Oceans of Mercy. 5k or 10k. If you've ever wanted to race, or are looking to add another to your spring routine, this is for you. Even if you don't want to race, you should still do it. Exercise, helping orphans, a fun family activity, pancakes, a cool shirt. Do it!

If there is anything else you would like to know about, or if you see a glaring omission, please tell me all about it!

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