Monday, February 21, 2011

Cranky Coffee

I generally make myself a pot of coffee in the morning, then nurse it throughout the day. I am so very grateful for microwaves, otherwise I would never make it. I can tolerate my water room temperature. Soda is even okay when tepid, as long as it stays bubbly. But cold coffee? Ugh. No way, Jose as my darling son would say.

I determine how much coffee to make based on how many hurdles I had to jump on my way to the coffee pot. I usually make 9 cups. But some mornings I feel compelled to make a full pot. Also, if I'm cold, I generally fill that pot to the top.

All this information is leading up to my main point: Mr. Coffee hates me.

On days when I determine that I really need twelve cups of liquid fortification, my coffee pot mocks me by dripping all over my counter. No matter how fast or slow I pour, it always seeps out. It never does this when I brew just 9 cups.

It's a hard-knock life.

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  1. So for your birthday, you need a new coffee maker, girlfriend!

  2. Oh, but I haven't yet told you about my woes with my food processor. First a good food processor, then a coffee maker!


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