Monday, February 28, 2011


Our adoption coordinator called to tell us that a birth mom has chosen us to parent her baby. Woo hoo! Her name is Amanda. She is due April 9th with a baby boy. He is half white and half hispanic. We are thrilled! We were also in denial at first. I was so convinced that we wouldn't be chosen, that when I saw our adoption coordinator's name on my phone, I couldn't figure out why she was calling us. When she said, "She wants you to raise her baby," all I could say was, "Really?"

Here are the reasons she likes/chose us:
1. We're a mixed race couple
2. We used so many words to introduce ourselves and said so much in our profile.
3. I'm a stay-at-home mom
4. We plan to home school
5. Our faith is so important to us

What is so crazy to me is that God gets credit for all those things:
1. Neither I nor M set out to marry someone outside of our ethnicity. We just happened to fall in love with each other, and these are the packages we're wrapped in.
2. I was born with a love for language, words, and communication. It is something God breathed in me while He was still forming me in my mother's womb.
3. I tried working when N was a baby because we thought we needed the money. It was miserable. God has made the way for me to stay home and we still pay our bills.
4. I never would of dreamed of home schooling my kids until I fell in love with Jesus. It's because I want to share Him with my kids that we plan on home schooling.
5. Read Ephesians 2:8

We meet Amanda tomorrow at 1600 CST. (4pm in the midwest) Prayers would be appreciated!

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