Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sweet Ride

Last week T-Man's therapist greeted us with a super happy face and great news. The AmTryke that a local group had sponsored had arrived. Plus, our phenomenal PT, Dave, assembled it. Woo Hoo! This thing is such a blessing. Exercise, fun, and a normal-ish childhood are all included. Plus a matching helmet.

AMBUCS is the group that sponsored T-Man. They serve people with disabilities, including children and veterans. They have chapters all over the country. If you are feeling inspired to help people near you gain independence in mobility, you can find a group close to you by clicking here.

As you can see from the video, T-Man is rocking his new trike. We are all so excited! The happy voices are me and Dave. T's been working with his both his PTs on one of the facility trikes for months. He didn't just hop on and take off. This is lots of hard work coming to fruition. I'm thrilled we can continue making forward progress at home now, too.

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