Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Twists and Turns and Antibiotics

The last 24 hours have felt like emotional tornado season. T Man developed a fever yesterday. He topped out at 102.7. I talked to the neurosurgery team twice. We dashed off to see our primary care doctor. No one wanted us in the germy ER, though.
He was tested for strep throat, his ears were checked for infection, his mama was peppered with questions. Meanwhile the incision on his back was growing red & warm. It seems he developed an infection at his surgical site. He woke up with fluid weeping from the incision this morning.
We saw someone from the neurosurgery team today. His sutures were removed, steristrips were placed, antibiotics were ordered, a follow up visit was scheduled. It was a relief to finally do something about his infection.
In between phone calls to doctors yesterday I got text updates on a beloved family member in the ER. That story ends well, too.
AB has two teeth about to break the gumline.
The neighbor is mad at the landlord but doesn't know it. She thinks she should be mad at us for something he did and let our guests know of her deep displeasure yesterday.
It's just been wild.
I keep rubbing my head. I want to take my family and run away to some place quiet. No doctors, no teachers, no therapists, no nurses, no central schedulers, no pharmacists, no care coordinators. Just for a minute or two. I'm thankful for them & their help. I want to be left alone, though. In a shocking turn of events, I'm tired of talking.
Today Principesa is boycotting naps.
N is saving the world.
T is curled on his side, snuggling with his stuffed George. His room is too dark for a photo, so just envision the cutest little thing you can imagine.
This season will end and soon be a memory.  Just like all other tornado seasons.

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