Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Lazy Winter Afternoon

The sun is happily shining and the month-old snow is melting. I should be making bread or shaking my groove-thing with the ZumbaFit Wii game I got for Christmas. But alas, I am feeling lazy this Tuesday afternoon.

My husband left for the other side of the planet on Sunday. That evening I went into hyperactive mode. I changed linens, did laundry, made my faucet shine & exercised. All while still parenting my boys. I was so full of energy that I planned to exercise twice a day, every day for the next two weeks. I had a lovely daydream about my husband's jaw dropping in the airport as he beheld his shockingly thin & toned wife.

But then I woke up yesterday. My energy did not wake with me. I dragged myself through the day. Mid-morning I made myself stand up while talking to N to keep from falling asleep. I took a long, hard nap yesterday afternoon. I didn't exercise one bit.

Today I think I have returned to baseline, though the laziness is hanging on some. I ran an errand this morning, I held it together while N tested every boundary he's been given, I emptied the dishwasher. There is laundry in the dryer, but it has promised not to walk off. There are baby clothes soaking in the sink, but I'm thinking those stains are so stubborn that they'll soak awhile longer. When I'm done with this little update I'll probably make myself start on the bread. It depends on how long I dawdle. I have to time it right so that I'm not kneading bread when T wakes up.

There are a number of things I've been wanting to write about lately. But the list is on my phone, and it is plugged in. A whole ten feet away. So for now, know that there are some brilliant, deep thoughts rolling about in my head & soul. You will be thrilled and challenged by them. If you are anxious to know, or just irritated, you can pray that God strengthens me to overcome my laziness.

In an effort to not completely waste your time with my ramblings, here's a picture of N putting T's sock on. He was frustrated at how wiggly T is, but didn't give up. It is interesting to see N take so much responsibility on himself. Since my man and I are both first born children we planned on never making our oldest feel responsible for his younger siblings.We want him to know that family watches out for each other, but we are the parents. His main job is to enjoy his brother. Perhaps it is just his personality, or maybe birth order effects us more than we know, but most days we are encouraging N to be a brother, not a daddy.

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