Thursday, September 9, 2010

A lovely, cloudy Thursday

My lovely husband took me on a date this afternoon. First he took me to a vegetarian restaurant, Eden Alley. It was great! It was so much fun to have a variety of foods to chose from. Following a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free diet can be a wee bit difficult here in Middle America.

I've been on a vegetarian kick again. I recently cut up a big piece of ham. Which is the polite way to say I butchered a dead pig's leg. Blech. It was so nasty. There isn't a gross enough word or phrase in our language to explain how icky it was. Perhaps if I didn't know my anatomy it wouldn't be so disturbing. But as I was hacking away at it I was able to identify veins that could hold an 18 gauge IV catheter, leg bones and skin padded with gobs of fat. Ugh. And it had already been smoked! I can not fathom how nauseating it would have been had it been raw. But I digress down a disgusting path.

We went on a date (woo!) And we had fun (double woo!) I had my delightful vegan avocado salad while my Love ate a spinach and mushroom loaf. It was the first time I had a cashew-based cheese substitute. We finished up with dessert. Chocolate + strawberry cake and coconut cake - both vegan. We then wandered through neighborhoods we've never visited on our journey to IHOP (prayer, not pancakes.)

IHOP was great, though the only available seats were up front. I don't like sitting up front because then we're on camera. To see what I mean, click here, then click on the play button for the live stream. It was wonderful to spend time worshipping together. Usually we are tag teaming tethering in our son, so the shared solitude was a treat.

We went to 2 book stores: DANGER! But walked out with one video for me, one book for him, and one book for our son. Now, had there been $500 sitting in our pockets, we would have left with full arms and empty pockets. But since our pockets were pretty much vacant heading in the shops, our arms were relatively free when we left.

A quiet drive under graying, dripping skies lead us home to our bubbling baby boy. It was wonderful. I pray you had a good day, too. . .

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