Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ah Choo!

Here is America's Allergens Today:

Notice that the whole middle of our fabulous land is red. I guess that's the price we pay for decreased traffic, friendly neighbors and sunshine.

Because misery loves company, I passed my genes onto my son. We are spending our days inside (so sad), staring at each other through glassy eyes, tag teaming trips to the tissue box.

I broke down and took some diphenhydramine last night. I knew it would cause a coma, but my sinuses weighed 83 pounds; I had little choice. I slept like a rock last night. Today I have the intelligence of a rock. I'm certainly not congested anymore. It feels like I flossed my nose and sinuses with a thick gym sock.


Life could be so much worse. I would much rather have a hyperactive immune system than no immune system at all. A few weeks trapped indoors is much better than a life trapped in a bubble. Our immune systems are gorgeous, complex things that we mainly take for granted. Here is a picture of just one sliver of the immune system at work:

Go God! I love how beautifully choreographed we are. Though sometimes the dance inside seems a bit frantic, I am still blown away by how much wisdom God poured into us. I am still astounded that two little bitty cells differentiate into the trillions that make up a baby. Seriouly. How can two reproductive cells become heart and liver and hazel eyes and lymph and insulin and curly hair?!? But I digress.

If you're as miserable today as I am, remember it could always be worse:

The bubble boy.

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